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Perfect Houseware Gifts for the College Graduate

It’s an emotional time of year for thousands of people across the United States. For students and parents alike, college graduation brings about a time of excitement and anticipation for the next step. While some students are returning home to save money, others are venturing out further on their own, moving to new cities, and starting careers. Trying to find a great college gift to bestow upon your graduate takes both practicality and creativity. Here, we have compiled a list of simple homeware gifts to give this graduation season.

Recipe Boxes
While relying on ramen for the first few months may not change, your graduate will no longer have the luxury of on-campus dining halls to take advantage of. To guarantee that your graduate isn’t living on ramen and fast food for the foreseeable future, consider gifting them a box of recipes that range in difficulty. This is the perfect gift for any graduate, whether an experienced cook or not.

Copper Cookware
It is definitely a good idea to gift cookware to anyone who is moving out on their own. While your graduate may have cookware of their own, chances are it was a little cheap set to get them started and is probably falling apart. Help usher them into the adult world with a grown up set of copper pots and pans to use. According to Copper Chef reviews, copper pots are some of the easiest and most efficient pots to cook in and clean.

Gift Baskets
If there is one gift that never gets old, it’s a good old fashioned gift basket. Gift baskets are ideal graduation presents as you can give an assortment of presents in one. Who doesn’t like receiving multiple presents? Use this gift basket as an opportunity to gift items that you believe the graduate would overlook. These items can include a full set of cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils and appliances, or even a complete repair kit. Be creative!

Personalized Home Trinkets
Feeling homesick is very common and can happen at any time, especially if they’re moving to a new city or country that is far from home. Many sites offer customized pieces that can inscribe the longitude and latitude of any location you choose. From personalized drinkware to pillow cases and jewelry, your graduate will appreciate receiving a little piece of home to keep with them.

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