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The Handy Guide to Cooking in Copper Cookware

Though they are true works of art, copper pots are more than just their looks. With proper technique and a great recipe, you can create a great culinary masterpiece in your own set of Copper Chef cookware. If you can bear to take them off of their display hooks, Copper Chef reviews how to make the most of your copper cookware with these helpful cooking tips.

Be Prepared Before Cooking
Copper Chef suggests that before you turn your copper pan on, have all of your necessary ingredients and utensils together. Copper is known to be a great conduit for heat as one of the highest performing metals available for cooking. This means you will experience faster and more consistent cooking times. Since the pan will heat faster than other metals, it’s best to have to all of your ingredients together to avoid burning or overcooking food.

Use Wooden or Silicone Utensils
Another tip that Copper Chef reviews and suggest for getting the most out of cooking with copper is to use wooden or silicone utensils. Though the pots are extremely durable and sturdy, most copper cookware has a soft inner lining that can be easily scratched. To keep your pots looking their absolute best and performing at optimal efficiency, use softer utensils for your materials.

Never Pre-Heat
If you are new to cooking with copper, then this one is for you. Similar to point number one, copper does not need to be preheated because of its ability to quickly receive heat. When you turn on your pan, you should have something already in it to avoid burning or melting the pan. Something as simple as olive oil can help prevent your copper cookware from burning.

Additionally, when it comes to choosing the right heat for copper cookware, use medium-high heat. Cooking at this heat is a great way to maintain a safe cooking temperature for your copper cookware while you become more comfortable with cooking with copper.

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