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The Handy Dandy Kitchen Paint Guide Presented by Copper Chef

Contrary to popular belief, there are more than 50 shades of gray. There are in fact 256 shades of gray. And that’s just one color. Can you imagine how many shades and colors truly exist? It’s almost inconceivable. Since there are so many different colors in this bright, beautiful world of ours, the options are endless.


With so many color options available, picking the right color for your kitchen can seem like a daunting task to undertake. Can I put yellow in the kitchen? Is a pink ceiling too much? With all of the different options, it can become overwhelming and time-consuming.  We’ve taken the time to narrow it down for you to 4 main colors: green, yellow, blue, and red. With our handy guide, Copper Chef helps you pick the right color to choose for your kitchen.


When people think of the color green, the kitchen isn’t usually the first place where they would think to put it. It’s actually quite common to the color green used in living rooms or dens due to its odd, casual nature. However, using a nice granny apple green can pair nicely with many types of kitchen cabinetry finishes.


How about inviting a little sunshine into your kitchen at any time of the day? With yellow, you can achieve that effect and more. The color yellow is great to help calm people down, which is why it is so commonly used in nurseries. Additionally, yellow is great for making small spaces appear bigger and brighter. So, if you have a small kitchen, consider using a nice bright yellow for the space.


Extremely light blues and Dark/Navy blues work best in kitchens. Whether it’s an accent wall, a cabinet color, or a floor color, blue is one of the most versatile colors to work with. It can also get a little out of hand if not accessorized properly. To completely pull in the entire look of your kitchen, accent with white, gray, or even your copper from your Copper Chef cookware set.


There’s a reason many fast food places opt for the color red in their dining spaces or logos. Red (along with yellow) is considered to make people hungry. You’ll find darker shades of red commonly painted in home dining rooms, but it’s also a kitchen color worth exploring. If you want to make a vintage style kitchen, red walls with a black and white tiled floor can really do the trick.


Don’t see your color on the list? What color is your kitchen and what inspired you to choose that color? Drop your comments below!

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