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Copper Chef Shares Tips for Teaching Teens How to Survive the Kitchen

You’ve taught them to talk, walk, and drive. You were there for everything they said, stumbled into, and sometimes drove into as well. As parents, you realize that no matter how old your children get, there is always something else that you could add to the parenting lesson plan. Today’s addition to that plan is giving them the crash course in cooking.

If your teen is anything like most, they think the kitchen is a magical land where the food comes prepared and the fridge stocks itself. It’s better, sooner than later, to nip this thought in the bud. Teaching children how to navigate their way around the kitchen is a necessary and useful life skill that will come in handy at any point in their life.

To get you started. Here is a Copper Chef review of a few tips to help you teach your teen how to find their way around the kitchen on their own.

Basic Ingredients
An important and overlooked skill that even many adults struggle with is how to properly grocery shop and stock their fridge and pantries. For many people, their battles with weight are won and lost in the kitchen. Teaching your children the importance of properly stocking their kitchen with an array of healthy food and snacks is a great start for teaching them to cook. Make sure your teen knows how to read labels and what foods and spices should always be on hand in the kitchen.

Organization & Cleanliness
Another big part of a kitchen is keeping it organized and clean. Even if you have your teens do the dinner dishes, they may still not understand how significant a clean kitchen is. From regularly cleaning out your pantries and fridge to making sure dish towels and sponges are properly washed, there is a lot of housekeeping that goes into keeping a kitchen orderly and clean. You should teach your teens this as soon as possible. A clean kitchen is your first line of defense against unwanted pests and vermin.

Easy Recipes
Finally, no chef in training (or kitchen life skill course) is complete without sharing a few easy-for-beginners recipes. Does your teen have a favorite dish? This is a great time to show your teen how to make it and some other foods that they regularly eat. Whether it’s a sandwich or spaghetti, having a few easy recipes under their belt can go a long way.

They may moan and groan now, but your teen will appreciate this lesson when they get a place of their own.


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