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Pets and Pasta: Designing a Pet-Friendly Kitchen with Help from Copper Chef

Pets are more than just another mouth to feed and a body to take care of. They become an actual member of your family. Pets require their own space and routine to help them fit into the flow of the home. Similar to children, it’s easy for pets to take over your entire house; dog beds here, kernels of dog food there. This is especially true in the kitchen. Trying to find the best storage spots for pet bowls, leashes, and food can be trying. Here, we have a simple Copper Chef review of how to make your kitchen more pet-friendly.


One of the biggest issues that pet owners face in the kitchen is what to do with your pet’s bowls. How can you keep your kitchen organized and clean, while allowing your pet easy access to their bowls and food? An easy remedy to accommodate this is by creating a centralized feeding station. Feeding stations combine space for boys, leashes, food, treats, and more! This is an excellent idea for kitchens of all sizes, especially smaller ones that need to optimize space. Feeding stations range in prices or you can make it your weekend DIY project.


Another simple pet-friendly kitchen idea that is on the Copper Chef review list is the use of built-ins. An increasing number of pet owners have opted to make turn their kitchen island or a wall in their kitchen into a built-in pet space. Built in pet beds allows your furry four-legged friend to be right by your side instead of under your feet. This dual-purpose space can be used as either a pet bed or a separate storage space for your pet’s goodies.


Clear storage bins are also a great idea for keeping your pet’s food and treats stored neatly in the kitchen. Many of you already use this trick for your kid’s snacks, but it can be equally useful for your pets as well. This helps with eliminating bulky bags and hard to stack cans of food in your cabinets. Instead, you can have easily stackable clear containers. These containers also help you to keep track of when it’s time to replenish food and to organize food based upon the varying needs of your pets.


One final pet-friendly solution to your kitchen is more about the overall construction of the kitchen instead of a cute appliance. Your flooring should be as scratch resistant as possible. With their claws, scratching is just a part of life. Non-scratch resistant floors will wear down easier and you’ll spend money on replacing your flooring very often. Additionally, your baseboards should be coated in an easy-to-be-cleaned paint.


When planning your kitchen, the same rules that you would use for children should also be used for your pets. Keep harmful items out of their way and keep their toys, beds, and food in easily stored locations.

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