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A Copper Chef Review of Brown Sugar & Bourbon Easter Ham

We never need an excuse to get together as a family, but there’s something about the holidays that just does the trick. Easter is no exception. Easter is such a wonderful day for families across the world. From attending mass in the morning to Easter egg hunts in the afternoon, it’s a great way to […]

Pets and Pasta: Designing a Pet-Friendly Kitchen with Help from Copper Chef

Pets are more than just another mouth to feed and a body to take care of. They become an actual member of your family. Pets require their own space and routine to help them fit into the flow of the home. Similar to children, it’s easy for pets to take over your entire house; dog […]

Copper Chef Shares Tips for Teaching Teens How to Survive the Kitchen

You’ve taught them to talk, walk, and drive. You were there for everything they said, stumbled into, and sometimes drove into as well. As parents, you realize that no matter how old your children get, there is always something else that you could add to the parenting lesson plan. Today’s addition to that plan is […]

Copper Chef Shows You How to Prepare Your Kitchen for the Holidays

Can you believe that it’s already November? We surely can’t. It feels like just yesterday we were pulling out our bathing suits and heading down to the shore for the weekend. Now, it’s time to start pulling out our cookbooks and plan our menus for the holiday season. Don’t look now, but at the time […]